Rent EL CAVALLER for an event

Rent one or more spaces of the house to have your own event


Kind of events we have had: Weddings, christenings, film records, advertise records, company meeting, company team work activity, book presentation and birthday celebrations.

When you oranize your own event you can bring your food and beverage catering or contract the catering with us (ecological catalan products and from the local area).

The bedrooms

El cavaller de Vidrà has 12 bedrooms. We highlight the 5 bedrooms that are in the first floor:

- Double Bedroom imperi: 15,50 m2 + 8,21m2 Alcova

- Double Bedroom Salomònica: 24,75 m2

- Twin Bedroom: 19,8 m2

- Double Bedroom bisbe: 22,5 m2

- Double Bedroom àvia: 17,1 m2 + 8,06m2 Alcova

The Entrance

 Cavaller entrance: 76,85 m2

The living rooms

There are two big living rooms:

- Sala Gran (Big living room): 76,85 m2

- Sala de Estar (chimney living room): 50,22 m2

The dining room

The dining room has 44.10 m2, it is perfect for a manorial lunch of 25 people.

The Terrace

The terrace with arches has 17,30 x 3,50 m. 

La miranda, the part of the terrace uncovered, has  28.6 m2

Torreta: 8,84 m2, Terrat torreta: 27 m2

The Chapel

El cavaller has a privat chapel of 32.17 m2

The Cabanya

The Cabanya de La Vila has 450 m2.

*To access to "La Cabanya" Jeeps or 4x4 cars are needed.

The Garden

La llisa is the garden of the house with views to the arches and the entrance of El Cavaller. 

La llisa: 325 m2

The Forest

Tell us which kind of event do you want to organize, in which rooms and if you would need food and beverage catering:

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