Cavaller de Vidrà House History

El Cavaller de Vidrà is a Mas (the Catalan name for a manor house or chateau) and is considered to be one of the most important houses in Catalonia.


The origins of the house date back to the XIII century when Guillem Cavaller acquired a house in the municipality of Vidrà. For the next twelve generations the house was retained in the same family, until the 1640 when the heiress married the son of the Vila de Buscarons family.


By 1771, the owner of the house was Francesc Vila Cavaller. He hired a French architect to construct a new house next to the original, and gave this new house to his wife, Josefa Pons. The house subsequently became known as La Casa Nova de Vidrà (the new house of Vidra).


As an aristocratic country residence, the new house was designed in a different architectural style than the local vernacular, set over three floors, with plenty of natural light and a large central staircase providing access to the main rooms. The main façade of the house is formed with Romanesque arches, providing shaded balconies that overlook the internal courtyard. In honour of the Mare de Déu de la Mercè the house was also provided with a small baroque chapel.


Over the years, the building became the property of the family Vila i d’Abadal and during the Carlins war was used as a military headquarters and military school.


Vidrà and around

The Countryside in Vidra


The manor house is located in the Milany mountain range– Santa Magdalena i Puigsacalm – Bellmunt.


Surrounded by beech woods the house is located in an area of Catalonia traditionally associated with livestock farming and forestry. Sitting within its bucolic landscape the house has become part of this landscape, unaffected by the modern world.


The surrounding area provides plenty of scope for exploration with hiking and walking routes for all levels.


El Cavaller is located in Vidrà, Just 1.30h from Barcelona and the same from Girona. 

We offer Bus service Barcelona - Vidrà or Girona - Vidrà and return.

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El Cavaller de Vidrà, Vidrà, Girona, 17515, Spain

Have a look at the manor house and the dimensions of each area: